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Growth-minded and progressive

Whatever helps our customers perform better is what we’re interested in providing. At the moment, our companies provide four types of services.

Revenue Cycle Acceleration

Our billing team improves cash flow for physician practices and geriatric communities by reducing days sales outstanding, improving A/R aging, and increasing the percent of claims accepted by payors which results in more money, faster for our clients. We are experts in complex specialties like radiology, cardiology, and pathology billing but have clients that span multiple specialties.

Compliance and Accuracy Audits

We identify key compliance indicators that ensure communities and physicians are not penalized with citations while also determining missed revenue opportunities.

Ancillary Healthcare Services

The Assembly Health network of providers deliver world-class care to geriatric communities across the US. We streamline logistics, customer service, billing, and Patient Registration so traveling providers can focus on what they do best: Delivering world-class care.

Staffing and Recruiting

Our network of specialized candidates have a proven track record of enhancing the quality of care and business operations for all of the clients we serve.

As a growth-minded and progressive company, we are constantly seeking new ways to add value to our customers. Stay tuned.

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